Title Outlet Role Year Thumbnail
Big Poultry | With no power to fend off poultry farms, neighbors live with stench and nuisances The Charlotte Observer Mapping, Data Visualization 2022 map of poultry farm locations and possible effects
They bought their dream homes from the ‘King of Coconut Grove.’ They still can’t move in Miami Herald Mapping 2023 map highlighting 24 properties of Doug Cox and Pearl, real estate developers in Coconut Grove
Cliffs, bunkers, mammoth bones: Miami-Dade County's most intriguing high points Miami Herald Mapping 2023 map highlighting areas of higher elevation within Miami-Dade county
Cuban migration to the U.S. surged last year. Here’s a look at the numbers Miami Herald Data Visualization 2023 cumulative area graph of migrant border encounters 2019-2022
Center for American Politics and Design Project Archiving 2018-2023 center for american politics and design logo
Investigating Census Peculiarities CJS Data, Data Visualization 2022 dot plot demonstrating difference in DOC and Census count of incarcerated populations
Investigating Litigation Funding CJS Reporting, Data Visualization 2022 step line chart showing growth of litigation funding industry
Essex County Demographics Exploration CJS Data Visualization, Mapping 2022 series of slope graphs comparing income disparities and distance
Infrasound in Horror Films CJS Data, Data Visualization 2022 line graphs showing infrasound in horror films
Critical Habitats in Question CJS Mapping, Data Visualization 2022 map of critical habitats
Points Unknown: Mapping Exploration CJS Mapping 2022 map of flight routes and C02 emissions
Academy Awards Database Scraping CJS Scraping, Mapping 2021 Map of Academy Award Internation Film winners
Working the Polls N+1 Magazine Photography 2020 people waiting at polls
Bad Data Viz Personal Project Data Visualization 2021-2023 bad visualizations